Why I love what I do

Minority owned and family operating in the Indianapolis area. My name is Pam Anderson

I have always been creative and love making people smile. I love what I  do while serving our community.


With theses trying times and society  changes. We as a community can send warm wishes, celebrate special

occasions at a distance, and inform the community  with a huge  yard greeting sign.

Our Team designs bright vibrant, colorful, fun and unique Custom Yard Greetings and  Yard Signs.

We love helping our clients, family and friends celebrate the many special occasions, holidays

and most of all we love helping you make your day a special day.

Our mission is to give our clients  the additional special touch in celebrating their special occasions. 

We are ask, What makes us different?   Customer Service is our speciality. Our team gives excellent customer care and attention to details to ensure you are pleased with your Custom Yard Sign or Yard Greetings. We give complimentary balloons with every order placed for a Birthday, Anniversary or Graduation Yard Sign.

Our designs are created  to look like a greeting card.  We offer two (2) different height sizes.  They are colorful, creative, unique, makes a great impact and are very easy to read. Each Yard Greeting is assembled to with stand strong winds and rain. We  delivery, install or you can pick  up from the office by appointment only.

We are so excited for 2021. We are always adding new designs to choose from.  

We stride to provide excellent client care and  welcome your questions and concerns. Pricing may very due to multiple printing of colors, design details, logo and photos.

At some point we all purchase birthday cards, mothers day and fathers day cards, anniversary cards, congratulation cards, Thank You Cards  and many more.  Make is very special and say it with a  Pam Andersons Custom Yard Sign or Yard Greetings.


We want to help you Make a LASTING  MEMORY AND GREAT IMPACT.

You can purchase 18" x 24" yard signs for Graduations and Business Advertising any time. Call us!

Place an order with us for your next open house,  grand opening, community announcements, garage sale,  HOA meeting or community event. Delivery, installation and Office pick up is available.

Pam Andersons Yard Greetings & Business Signs  will enhance your business visibility and branding. We will help you reach your target market.


I am excited to speak to you. Our Team will make your process professional,  quick, easy and simple.

Please  feel free contact us at anytime if you have any questions.

Have a  Wonder Day!

Pam Anderson​